This is the Slow Motion Spin opening blog!

Welcome dear reader, wherever and whoever you are! Whether you came across this project by pure accident, being a cycle enthusiast or fellow traveller, dedicated knitter or just a curious individual, we sincerely hope you will find here the stuff you are looking for!


Apparently, there is nothing much here yet as the whole project (that is travelling on a tandem bike from Europe to Europe via South East Asia) is currently in the phase of preparation. Therefore in following days, weeks and months, you will find us writing about practicalities of embarking on a god-knows-how-many kilometres long journey, our psychological preparations, all the stuff we’d like or need to take with us, things we’d like to do along the way, places we’d hope to visit… basically everything you can imagine one think about before leaving for the (relatively) unknown. We will be dreaming a lot.


Later on, you, dear reader, will have the opportunity to compare these dreams and fictions with the real stories and adventures written on the side of the road. Stories full of dust and sweat, exotic smells and unrecognisable languages, mostly friendly people and weird (hopefully friendly) animals, open landscapes and busy cities, nights full of stars, bonfires and roads heading beyond the horizon…

But everything in its own time, dear reader. Meanwhile, there is a lot of coffee and black tea to be drunk, many blank pages to be filled with chaotic scribbles, partial notes and glimpses of ideas, number of schemes, schedules and deadlines to be met, plenty of chocolate eaten and lots of stitches knitted. So without any attempt to stretch your patience to the limit, we invite you now to browse through our photos, check our gradually developing website, or find us on facebook. But most importantly, we invite you to stay with us and let us know your thoughts and ideas.



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  1. This is really great guys. I envy you already and wish you good luck. Hope we’ll be able to talk before you go.

    • Hi Zygmunt! We’re glad you like it so far, hopefully it will get even better.. and surely there will be many opportunities to talk properly as we are (as the project’s name suggests) not that fast-paced.. perhaps next CM? We might as well bring the tandem…

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