Truly Slowly

Slowly. As the chosen name for our trip hints, slowly is the key word of our motto. But it sometimes happens that not all comes to be as we would wish it to. Our vision of “slowly” is bound to experiencing of life – we are not the first to have realised that in our lives we are constantly chasing something, hardly catching the breath without even having the time to enjoy it. Last year, in our view very hectic, was full of deadlines and it has past without us even noticing it. Where has all the time that seemed so unbelievably and unbearably long gone to? What else had happened so fast (and furious) that we can’t even remember? This had unquestionably led to a decision that we want to live our lives together, not to past through them.


And so we came up with the idea of SlowMotionSpin – the thought of world slowly spinning around where you have enough time, where you cook together, books are read and not skimmed through, days are spent chatting, knitting and coffee drinking and without a thought of hesitation or guilt from the conscience of unfinished tasks. Well, you have the idea. Simultaneously we are rather ordinary people of our age – working, paying our dues simply, shopping in supermarkets, simply we were not born with the silver spoon. And this is the point of the clash – in order the enjoy one you first need to go through the other. Suddenl we have realised that we spend more time in our jobs and the rest of the days we each (again) sit in front of our laptop screens and get over excited about the incredibly slow internet connection (well isn’t that paradox?) And the only thing that has truly slowed down is our ability to write and share all that is happening here.


But lets not be overly hopeless – we are still at the beginning. Coming months might well be more and more busy, maybe even hectic, full of preparations and plans and posts. Meanwhile you have a look at our new photos. Also, please check our website that should now be (finally) working and do not forget we would love hear from you so leave us some comments, advices, recommendations and/or encouragements.



Has it reminded you of something? Have you remembered something? Have we forgotten about something? Any advices for us? Or you just feel like saying hi or have a word of support? Yes please!

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