Sunny afternoon

As for now, Saturday is the only day none of us is working. And so we try to enjoy being together for the whole day as much as possible. But the fact that I work on Friday mornings (way too early for me) makes getting up on Saturday bit harder than I would like it. So we slowly get up around 10 o’clock and never leave before midnight.


Anyway, unlike last week, yesterday was beautiful day. And so we thought it would be great way to enjoy it by taking our tandem bike for first ride of this year. Oh my, the fun we had. We headed to the city centre to get on the cycle path following the Rochdale canal. We only got as far as Mills Hill and the Chadderton Hall park being hardly half way through – somewhere between the locks 54 and 52 (I really cannot figure it out) because it was getting very cold. Well we basically turned when it started to be interesting (on the other hand it also strongly started to smell after vinegar).

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But as it goes, it does not really matter how far we did cycle because we could talk while riding, without being constantly forced to split to let other people pass by, to avoid ponds and mud, etc. We were so happy how things go – we thought of what we will really need on our ride, Adam introducing his questions by putting them always into some very drastic or extreme conditions.

Adam: “Imagine that we cycle through this or that desert, you see all day – everyday the same thing and you want to do something else but you have to pedal! And so you thing maybe we could listen to some music. So are we going to have some music player with us?”

to which I tend to respond with all these: “Oh, do not worry, it is not going to be so boring – there is always something to look at. And we can sing.”


In the end we always agree we will have to look into this – well lets face it, he is probably right, there will be times when I would like to listen to some of our favourite music, or some audio book just to hear something else than the wind…and the rain… But I have figured out that unless we go uphill or downhill I do not need to hold on to my bars so I might be able to read some books aloud or knit (whoohoo!).


So yes, seems like things are happening. Maybe just on Saturday, but then at least we have some energy to do some mailing and blogging on other days of the week. And with all this, there is always a lot happening. In the end, I hope today is going to be busy as well – picnic in the Salford Quays? Finally taking pictures of few things I knitted for Adam? And then maybe acoustic evening at Band on the Wall?

And here is something for you to listen to – yesterday we have been singing this all day long. Hopefully you will be also in the mood to “yippee!” or as we say in Czech “juchů!”.


Has it reminded you of something? Have you remembered something? Have we forgotten about something? Any advices for us? Or you just feel like saying hi or have a word of support? Yes please!

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