Two months from now…

Yesterday I came home from work and was very sleepy. I took a nap and Adam played a Johnny Cash’s version of “We’ll meet again”. We then talked about how strange it is to be leaving yet another place and it is very typical that just about that moment you start meeting many interesting people. It is probably also connected to the fact that here in Manchester most of our friends have left for fieldwork and will return here again but then we will be miles away. And as we were listening to this song for about the 5th time, contemplating who we will have a chance to see before leaving, whether we will be able to return to places we love in Scotland, how nice it will be to spend whole summer with family and friends in Czech who we have scarcely seen in last four years,… it has slowly hit us in our face.

On the roof of Scottish National Museum - before leaving Edinburgh
On the roof of Scottish National Museum – before leaving Edinburgh

We have realised that in two months time we will be probably just moving out of this flat, leaving for Scotland and thus starting the first part of our journey. It is very exciting – but there is a feeling of nostalgia in it already. So this is for you as much as for us, because we know that we’ll meet again, but it is hard to say where and when.



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  1. Life is an adventure :-), full of goings and leavings.
    That is why, I think, one should live their life to the full – taking every moment in and not taking any moment for granted.
    The nostalgia grows with age – in my opinion. The older one gets the more nostalgic one feels.
    At such times, when feeling nostalgic, I tend to acknowledge that feeling. Often moving from nostalgia to gratitude. 🙂
    You have a cool adventure ahead of you – hope all goes smoothly and you will have a great time – something you can then feel nostalgic about later on in your lives.

    • Don’t get me wrong – I like nostalgia….nostalgia, as well as melancholy, is a great companion to the local grey days… and gratitude is there for sure. We are at the moment very nostalgic about Yarrow and grateful that it is only a week from today that we will wake up there… sending our hiya to everyone and see and talk to you soon
      hope you are enjoying the workshop today .)

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