As you would expect little has changed since you last read the newest post. But who cares – there is still so much to write about. And today it is all about getting oriented in the labyrinth we call the Slow Motion Spin cyber world.

We have already written a little about how it all begun. We have also written little bit about this blog, our website and our photo gallery, but we think that this deserves a little more attention. As you are already here we believe that you have been around and had a look at our main page and maybe at our journal too. And now there is brand new page called Maps where once we leave for the trip our current location and progress would be recorded. But if you are reading this you must have noticed few things that are at the right side. These are not just nice illustrations of how much we like our tandem or how keen photographers we are. Having said that, it also means that if you click on any of these something will happen… So for example, the facebook stamp will take you (surprisingly) to our facebook page that we try to fill with things that interest us – from cycling to photography, from sustainability to knitting and back to cycling.


The picture of a camera will take you to our Slow Motion Jux photo gallery. A gallery featuring our most up-to-date photos. At the moment we are a little bit behind for several reasons: we haven’t got many pictures that we could put up there and those few need a bit of selection and editing. But it will come to it slowly so you just be patient with us..

And if you look even more up than before you see our tandem. If you click on it you will be redirected to our website. There you can choose whether you want to read about our project in Czech or English – your choice. And after you select one of the panniers’ flag this is what you should see:


Now, there is two ways how to get back should you change your mind about the language selection – click on the flag again and you will be back on the first page. The other option is to click on the light at the rear of the bike (the red/orange flashing one) which will serve as “Go back” button anywhere throughout site. But if you are happy with what you see why not try clicking on any of the coloured pieces. Some will take you where you can read about the journey, or about both of us. Some will show you links that we find interesting and that we keep updating as the time goes. And then there is also possibility to find out about who and how supports, helps or cooperates with us and how you could get involved too if you would like to. Few others will take you back to this journal or maps and some other will take you to our Photos. So.. Ready – Steady – CLICK!!!


And finally you will see two stamps in the top left corner – one connects to Facebook which we have already talked about. The other red one should connect to your email manager so that you can let us know what do you think about all of this (or just email us at slowmotionspin (at) . And while we are talking about getting in touch you have by now realised there is more than one option – you can facebook us, email us or leave us comment anywhere on this journal and in all cases we will get back to you as soon as possible.

So this is more or less all that you need to know about the orientation around our cyber-world. You might wonder why we have it at so many different places. Well it was for several reasons (money, skills, possibilities, accessibility,…..) to which we might tell you more if you wish so but not now and here.

However we would like to invite you to explore few more location where we also dwell on this huge space – if you like browsing through our pictures and you are not satisfied with the amount that you find on Slow Motion Jux why not have a look at our individual portfolios – here is Adam’s and here Johana’s. And than if you are a knitter than go to Ravelry – Johana has her personal page there too.

And that would be about it. There is not much else to say – maybe just that we had some crazy weather here in Manchester, that the doom of punctures is still on us and that tomorrow night we go for longer weekend to Scotland – hurray!


Has it reminded you of something? Have you remembered something? Have we forgotten about something? Any advices for us? Or you just feel like saying hi or have a word of support? Yes please!

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