Scottish Flings

We are back…. We have been back in Salford for some time now but starting work just few hours after our early morning bus from Selkirk arrived has created a little delay in our ability to catch up with this journal. So we are back from Yarrow. We have had all weather you can imagine – except from hot, naturally. But snow, wind, rain, storms, sun, dead quiet… you name it we had it all.

Days with Sirokys always fly by although you do not notice it because there is no pressure to be somewhere or do something. The only deadlines are the Monday morning bus departure and Sunday church. But apart from that you can just sit down in the kitchen by the stove or in the front room (by the stove), talk, eat and talk, do some little walks around the graveyard (my favourite), drive the incredible all-terrain remote control car that Natan has on every outdoor photo since Christmas, knit, play table tennis, have a coffee, draw Captain Efraim and Captain Frodo or sinking Titanic, play Pictionary, cook, talk, shoot a bow, play X-box, make penny stoves, have another coffee, repair or not the toaster (with what else than a saw?) and watch some birds in the garden during the day or film during the night. Seriously, it gets as nice, slow, peaceful, warm and pleasurable as this. And it is really hard to say more about this lovely weekend than this as I would just repeat how great it was to get out of the city, to see Siroky and to be outside, to eat such a good food, to have such nice and interesting chats….

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But let me come back to the penny stove. We, mainly Adam, have long been intrigued by the possibility of the penny stove. It goes well with travelling on low budget, to be able to take care of yourself, to try to function with as little as you can, to recycle, all of which apply to us. So Adam did some research after we read this post and decided we have to give it a try (not that it hadn’t been thoroughly tested already – the original concept dates back to the beginning of the 20th century). So we followed, well Adam did, the very same instructions and (with a bit of patience) we had our Penny stove prototype ready in few hours. At first it seemed it is not going to work, but that was most probably because of the kind of fuel we used. Soon after flames got really powerful and we all agreed that this little beast would boil water for tea in 2 minutes (and I personally think the spaghetti would be ready in 5). As we used the White spirit the smoke and smell was horrible so we had not cooked anything. Next time we will buy those little Heineken cans, we’ll make it tightly sealed and then we will cook something.

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And that will be all for now. If you want we will shortly upload some more photos to our Jux so keep an eye on it. Good day to you all!


Has it reminded you of something? Have you remembered something? Have we forgotten about something? Any advices for us? Or you just feel like saying hi or have a word of support? Yes please!

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