Cycling Visionaries Awards 2013

Yesterday was a deadline for the Cycling Visionaries Awards of the cycling conference Velo City 2013 in Vienna. And after lots of brainstorming we have decided to submit a project of our own…

The Cycle Visionaries Awards is a new programme supported by the Velo City and European Cyclist’s Federation. It aims to promote young advocates, urban planners, artists, designers and others who themselves try to support and promote cycling culture. We have long been thinking about submitting our planned journey through Eurasia but felt that there is hardly anything revolutionary about it. Yes, we do write our journal in two languages, we will try to mediate the experience of long distance travel on a tandem bike to our readers, and yes we will be writing extensively about bicycle’s use and its place in people’s lives in the countries we’ll cycle through but still…

At the same time I wanted to write and create something that would interest children in our extended families. It was supposed to be something that they could relate to, which they would enjoy, something that will keep them in touch with us and as a bonus catch their attention and show them the potential that bicycle has in our view. But then I thought that if we are going to be doing something like this for children we know, maybe other children will be interested too. So we came with the idea of “Slow Motion Kid” a project that aims to promote cycling as joyous activity. We named our tandem for that reason Hugo – for more than that also it rhymes nicely with “I Go! You Go! We Go! HuGo!” and because in the Czech Hugo had the name’s day yesterday. We have created a new website for this project and are slowly designing it so that it will accommodate all our ideas. Later we hope to add stories of Hugo travelling through Eurasia with two people (us), experiencing adventures on his way and meeting interesting people. Beside that we also want to publish stories of and by children we’ll meet, about their lives in different countries so that our children learn more about foreign countries and hopefully their favourite fairy-tales, and also interactive stories and games that would learn children more about bicycle and cycling, etc. I hope that as this will evolve more people will get involved and we will have stories/projects (videos, music, games,…) from other artists, cyclists, writers, children, etc.


Now that we have submitted this project we need your help – please vote for our project if you like it till the 15th of April and tell about it to your friends, family members and anyone you meet. If we will be in the top five entries we be given a chance to present this project on the Velo City conference this June and thus attract more attention to children & cycling issues that are underestimated wherever you look.

Note: At this stage there is seriously very little on the website relating to this project, but it occupies most of my thoughts lately so I hope it will be constantly growing. If you have any idea and want to help in any way with it (publish a story, help with the web design, promote it or anything else) please get in touch on slowmotionspin [at] or through facebook or comment on this post. Thanks a lot for all your help.


Has it reminded you of something? Have you remembered something? Have we forgotten about something? Any advices for us? Or you just feel like saying hi or have a word of support? Yes please!

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