Easter trip

Yesterday was very beautiful day. The sun was out all day, the wind was mild and it was warm even for my standard. It was extraordinarily enjoyable to cycle home from work – I sang whole way through (not that this should surprise you, I sing a lot). Anyway, when I came home, Adam made a coffee and we had it outside with what was left of our banana cake. We sat there, sunbathing, talking about some issues we now talk about all the time (of course cycling and other related stuff) and then our neighbour Liana came out to wash her windows. See spring is really coming, people are starting to do the proper spring cleaning. But watching our neighbour climbing up the leader and standing on the roof of our bay window made me remember that we somehow forgot to mention what have we been up to over the Easter.


Actually, it is rather simple. First I worked, then we both worked and then Adam worked. But some out-off-work activities have happened too. We had two couchsurfers from Thailand staying over on Sunday night. They were Theya and Meaw, students at Southampton University. This was their travel around some carefully chosen parts of England. First they went to Liverpool and then came here to Manchester. I believe that for someone this might ring a bell already. And no it was not for the Liverpool or Manchester sound. And yes the two Thai girls have come here to see the only two football teams known in Thailand. At least that is what they told us. So we had a lot in common, we all knew there is something about Liverpool and Manchester United but neither of us had a slightest idea how do they stand at the moment. Hope I am not insulting Theya and Meaw here because if they did know then they were great guests and actresses as they made us believe that we share this blind spot over football. However, the best thing about their visit was the food. They cooked for us the breakfast and called it rice porridge. This means we had a sticky rice, over which you pour soup (consistency of broth) with pork meatballs (very tiny ones so that you can eat them at once), some spice, soy sauce and delicious coriander. You then add as much of egg omelette with more pork meat and more more soy sauce as you like. It was such a good breakfast. At first I thought that I will not be capable of eating such meal first thing in the morning, but now I know I am looking forward to Thailand for more of it.

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They then left for the Manchester United grounds and we and our lovely neighbours, Liana and Kadri, drove to the west coast. Well, let us first refresh your memory. Around Adam’s birthday we went for a day cycling trip between Southport and Formby and we discovered that in the sands there are shipwrecks. So, our idea was to get up early and with the low tide, explore them and take some pictures. However, the first mistake was to agree to head off on the day we have visitors making a breakfast for us. The second mistake was our strong believe that the ships are rather closer to the shore. The third one, that the low tide lasts at least few hours (I know for you marine nations, this must be very funny) and the final mistake, which we will probably never learn from, was to trust the BBC forecast (well, they said it will be windy, but they also said it will be nice and sunny whole day, not only after we return at about 5 o’clock). So in the end we got to the beach and shipwrecks were almost sank again and definitely inaccessible. And so it seems that Formby will still remain the place where we should return once again.

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But nothing was lost, luckily there is another place of interest near by in a town of Crosby. Crosby is in visible proximity of Liverpool. The coast is slowly turning to the north there, creating this boomerang shaped beach. And what a beach it is. Looking across the bay you see the Wirral Peninsula and further south Wales which hills were still covered in snow. The 3 miles long beach has been turned into something that in Lithuania would be called Skulpturos Parkas – it is the place that Antony Gormley has chosen as a site to exhibit himself in the form of about hundred iron casts. It is pretty impressive as some of them are placed so that you can walk around them all the time while others are far in the see visible only in low tide and inaccessible at anytime (or so the officials say). Most importantly they all look onto the see, looking like they were preparing to swim, but not sure, being in sort of spasm from the coldness of the water, and definitely feeling bit out of the place – well probably that is why Gromley called it “Another place”. Apparently the iron men are subject of local controversy as it has been described as piece of art, praised for the rising number of tourist coming over, accused as a dangerous obstruction for water sports, to being seen as pornographic due – and I quote the all mighty wikipedia – “due to the inclusion of a simplified penis on the statues”. So look at the pictures and decide for yourself.

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But it was way too windy and the sun was a scarce commodity. So we had a nice walk in the sand dunes – hoping to avoid the wind unsuccessfully – and then headed home. Of course, now the BBC was right and the moment we were on the road the sun got out and it was out until the sunset. We had a grand day and hope that Liana and Kadri were not too disappointed with our timing. Well, if anything they still talk to us. Thanks guys for going to the beach(es) with us. And I almost forgot – when we returned we had a Thai desert – jasmine jelly with fresh fruit – thanks Theya and Meaw for all the deliciousness.



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  1. Love the photos guys. Hope to see you soon :*

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