Countdown has begun…

Today we have done a very important step – we have sent a letter to our landlord giving him a month’s notice. That basically means that in a month from now, we will be leaving this flat, this place and England for good. It is wonderful and we are happy that our dream is finally coming true – we will be on the road and our home will be our tandem and tent for next few years (maybe).


But on the other hand this will be really exhausting month. Luckily it is only a month. But during this month, we have to sort out our belongings of which we mostly need to get rid off. Go through all the books and say which are to be kept and which not. The same comes for clothes (which probably would not be as hard as other things). And also for our furniture – you would not believe it, but we have very warm feelings towards our furniture. You see, most of it we have salvaged from the streets of Edinburgh. We had to carry it home and then repair it a little bit and now we have had it for some time. So all of it has a story behind it. So what I am probably trying to say is – anyone interested in some furniture? We have a desk table, blue chairs, some chests of drawers, foldable Ikea futon, and the list of things that need to go, goes on…


And then there is other and more complex side of it. As of now, we know that if you do not wish to stay in a place, you have to leave it after a year – that is a maximum – in other words, just before you start to get too engaged with it. Once again we are leaving our home and this time it really surprised us how we actually feel really sad to have to leave Salford and Manchester. But in the end we had really nice year, even though tough now and then. We met so many nice people on our university course from all over the world who we do miss already as they went for their research or back home as far as Mexico, Buffalo in the US, Greece and Turkey, Cyprus, Serbia, Colombia, Bolivia and I have probably forgotten some (sorry). We have had the greatest neighbours so far, inviting each other for coffee, cakes, dinners, film nights, barbecues or just talking on the doorstep. We had the experience of our life studying at and being part of the biggest university in UK and actually completing it successfully. And now, few months before leaving meeting some of the cycling gurus and visionaries in Manchester. It really was a great year and that is what makes it so hard to leave (even the weather is trying it’s best to keep us here).

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And then there is yet another side of it. Which I do not feel so comfortable talking about, as it concerns our families. People who we love and who we really do not want to let down. We understand that although we see this trip as truly fulfilling and important for our future and well being, they see it in different light. We know that by making the decision of going away for this amount of time we will miss out even more than we have missed so far. We understand that we also take us from our families, that we won’t be there if they need our help there and then, and we will make them worry about us and our future all the time.. and despite all this, we still wish to go.

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In a month time, we will head to the Scotland to see our friends and family there. Then we will slowly get home – hopefully we will be there in two months from now. And then we will see. We will definitely go on to cycle for our dream. But maybe, we opt out for plan B that is a shorter circle around Eurasia – or maybe we won’t. Who knows where we will be after this summer. But that is the way we like it, the way we enjoy it. And that is why we are so grateful for our family and also all our friends who do support us in the most various ways. We love you all and are looking forward to seeing you all soon, wherever you find yourself.



Has it reminded you of something? Have you remembered something? Have we forgotten about something? Any advices for us? Or you just feel like saying hi or have a word of support? Yes please!

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