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Dear readers, I would like to thank you all, especially to those who did vote for us in the Cycling Visionaries Awards at the Velo City Conference.


We have made it up to nice number – 44 votes! I think this is amazing! We did not make into the 5 chosen ones as we would need at least ten times more votes, but even if 44 people think what we want to do is good it really puts our spirit high. Or even if 44 people voted for us, because they know us wanted to make us happy, then voila we are very, very happy about the result. If you consider that we are just about to start all this and we have only published few blog posts, made two websites to promote what we want to do and have not yet cycled a single mile of those thousands, then this is really wonderful news.

Anyhow, if we have attracted your attention to the issues of urban cycling then visiting the Cycling Visionaries website is a good starting point to find what exactly would be of interest to you. I am personally very attracted to the Cycle Chic movement that has already spread in its various forms all over the world. Here are just few that were submitted with the cycling women in the centre – SkirtBike, or Rodada de Altura or not an organised events but with the style in mind the Dublin Cycle Rain Wear.

However the fashion and style is not only for women, it simply goes very well with the bicycle and so you can have a look at few projects that are looking at the fashion and style and the cycling cultures like the Bike Pour-Trait based on the documentary photographs and story of cyclists and their bicycle. Or another fashionable bike-ride through the city, this time through Beijing one of the most polluted cities in the world, where group of enthusiast is trying to return to the time when bicycle was still the most convenient an used way of transport around the city. The China Mao Suit Run / Vintage ride encourages participants to dress in vintage Chinese style – preferred are the ubiquitous Mao Suit in all its forms which almost every rider was wearing in the hey day of the bicycle in 70′s and 80′s. And I could go on, but have a look yourself.

I also wanted to mention the few that we relate to because they use or want to use similar techniques of riding around the some parts of the world to promote cycling in the city and to encourage people to use bicycles as their everyday companion. Ride to Change is one of them and also the one that is more similar to our project. A ride around South American continent through urban landscapes, documenting the approach that the cities take to urban cycling and working with academic bodies, students, city councils, etc. The aim is to promote the collaboration between experts in their respective fields and create bike friendly organisation that would contribute towards the safer and more enjoyable cycling in the city. Although we think our project is great, obviously there are other that are also good, like this one. Or research that looks at the question of urban cycling in a very similar way as we do – do cyclist move around the city in some distinctive way? Does this change with each location? Do cyclist share some similar opinion of certain subjects?…

And finally I cannot go without mentioning the only other Czech project submitted to the Awards which actually made it to the top 10 in the Cycling Advocacy category. It is the Auto*Mat Prague, an initiative that for some years now is through various strategies trying tirelessly to improve the situation of cycling in Prague, capital city and the city Adam grew up. So we are very happy that someone from this project will be talking about the way they approach it and will be given the chance to get advice and input from people around the world on what they do differently. There is then hope that the situation in Prague will get better. Hopefully….

But this is just very brief account of what you can find on the Velo city 2013 conference, so indulge!

And so, thank you once again. We appreciate every single vote and that you have told to others about us.

Have a lovely spring wherever you are


Has it reminded you of something? Have you remembered something? Have we forgotten about something? Any advices for us? Or you just feel like saying hi or have a word of support? Yes please!

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