The journey up THE NORTH

Today I woke up to a blue sky and it was a really really beautiful morning. All is so nice and we are here with not so little possessions as we thought. But let me tell you it definitely did not go completely according to our plan. We have thought that we would rent a pick-up van from noon on Thursday then we pack it up and see ourselves out of Manchester as quickly as possible. Plans do change a lot in our case.

First surprise was that the van was only available from 4pm. So we thought that it would give us a plenty of time to visit the city one last time, see Zygmunt to have a coffee in Corner house, buy some wool from the yarn shop I like (sweater and tunic) and generally enjoy the day as Adam has already spent quite some time on the whole packing business. Well, we were wrong once again. We started early in the morning thinking that by noon the flat would be empty and clean and we would have lunch and that would be it. Around one o’clock Adam said that whatever is not packed by two is going to the bin. At 3pm we gladly accepted invitation for a coffee with our neighbours. Surprisingly their flat look very much like ours with stuffs and clothes all over the flat and they were not moving out instead they were taking few pieces of our furniture.

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Liana gave Adam lift to the car rental place and before 5pm we had the car and started loading. Still we thought that about 7pm we will surely set off pick up our Whole Box and that would be it. In the end I went with Kadri to pick up the veg and Adam was still stuffing the van up to the roof. When I returned there was still loads of things and no way we can leave at that moment. So we ordered some food and had a another last dinner with girls. In the end we did leave not earlier than half nine, which on the other hand meant that there was hardly any traffic and so we got to Yarrow with small break in Hawick (and little detour on Manchester ring-road) just after one in the morning. So all in all it is done and all is well but it would not be if Kadri and Liana were not there to help – Thanks guys we hope it won’t be long before we see you again (hopefully not in the same state as the two on the picture). By now Adam has long returned the car in Edinburgh and is on his way back. And then we only need to go through our things once again as this is way too many things to keep.

(photo by Liana Latti 2013)


Has it reminded you of something? Have you remembered something? Have we forgotten about something? Any advices for us? Or you just feel like saying hi or have a word of support? Yes please!

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