Bicycle Trailer part II.

Finalizing our bicycle trailer (“Extra wheel” type) that begun in March in cooperation with Coffee Cranks got delayed more than we previously anticipated. Distractions blurred our focus, time was dashing and couple of short visits could not make up for a serious amount of time dedicated to work. Moreover, in the meantime Zygmunt broke his “professional” bench vice while bending one of the rods for the pannier rack which added to the overall delay..


Slowly we fare well with our friends, filed all the necessary paperwork, the pre-departure anxieties and chaos gradually took over and so the construction of a trailer somewhat lost it’s top-priority status. The day before our departure from Manchester I have visited Zygmunts workshop for the last time, on a tandem and with a pack of cold Stella’s, so I could witness the master’s creation. His unbeatable enthusiasm and joy over his new toys (besides his newly replaced vice also a gas welding kit and a pillar drill) was way too catchy and slightly adjusted original concept gained shape pretty quickly – and the result was truly elegant!


It rained several times and the sun took over every time, we have finished the last beer, but the precision work on the plates holding trailer in desired position proved to be too demanding.. half-packed boxes have been waiting for me at home together with an exquisite sushi by Kadri & Liana. Having more time than just one afternoon at our disposal, and not moving out of town the following day, we would gladly give this beauty a ride and test it thoroughly on our way. The trailer was practically finished and what was left was only to weld on the pannier racks. However, we had to leave it to Zygmunt in Manchester.. without single doubt he will not find a good use for it.

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Those two thousand kilometres between us and the Czech Republic present challenge big enough for us at this early stage. Certainly there would be plenty of unforeseen surprises of all sorts and so we would not be pushing our luck too far. We will perhaps attempt to recreate this design again during the summer while enjoying homely comfort and equipped with this unique experience and know-how we might be able to finish it in (almost) no time.. but don’t rush!
We are currently located in Yarrow, finishing with sorting all our treasures we have brought here from Manchester, enjoying short spins through local magnificent valleys and hillsides so we stay fit, waiting for Jiří from Edinburgh Pedicabs to squeeze us into his full schedule. That will be soon and so we will begin the final stage of getting ready for the first leg of our journey.


Has it reminded you of something? Have you remembered something? Have we forgotten about something? Any advices for us? Or you just feel like saying hi or have a word of support? Yes please!

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