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Our last night on the banks of River Rhine we slept on one of the best places so far – the vineyard overlooking the river. It has had its cons (like the cargo trains just below us) but all in all the views has overweighted them by far. This is the view we had from our tent and while having our breakfast.

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That same day we have got to Mainz where the River Main flows into the Rhein. There the Rhein journey has ended for us and we have set up more eastwards by the River Main. We really badly wanted to get through Frankfurt however that has proved to be impossible for that evening. The outlook of us making it to Czech before the weekend has finally slipped out of our reach – at least we finally have acknowledged to ourselves that there is no way we make it. The morning just outside of Frankfurt was really crazy with mixture of hi-tech airplanes preparing for landing over our head and truly rustic intermezzo provided by a Sheppard and her flock of sheep and goats that surrounded us.

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We did not stay in Frankfurt for longer than to refill our water bottles and have an ice cream. We might have mentioned it before but the weather has been really good. Like really good. Now even I wear short sleeves and skirt without nylons and still I am boiling (the ice cream is not all – we have also been swimming again….). This combined with the surface of the footpath (that is mostly wonderful with exceptions of few bumps), the singing system which keeps up with the Dutch and the terrain that is so pleasant allows us to cycle everyday something around 100km. So we hope, now a little bit more sparingly, that we could be in Czech by the middle of the coming week (at the end the latest).

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And to finish somehow more optimistic, if you ever find yourself in Mainz with a taste for a coffee, go and find café Blumen – it has atmosphere, it is located only few minutes from the city centre and the river Rhein and they make delicious smoothie.

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