Czech point

The last time you have heard from us (this is starting to be a traditional opening) we were cycling south by the River Rhein. Since then we have been only writing offline as the easiness of connectivity to internet that we experienced in Netherlands has not been the same in Germany and our attempts to make it to Czech by the Friday 21st made anything else than pedalling pretty much impossible for us.


Now, the 29th of June 2013 (actually by the time I have finished it is day later) I am sitting in the kitchen of Adam’s parents. Everyone in the house has retired for a good night sleep and I am feeling a little but guilty that you, our reader, have been left with no news for this long. So I will try to put you back into picture. This will only be a very brief one as we are going to publish few more post in retrospect that will be detailing some parts of our Tour auf Deutchland.

We have arrived in Prague yesterday afternoon – at about 6pm, after truly most adventurous ride through Prague suburbs and along the city airport without a map or knowledge of shortcuts, we were ordering Kofola at the pub nearest to the house of Adam’s parents. We were waiting for them to arrive by bus from work. An hour and two more pints of Kofola later they have still not arrived. Adam has phoned them only to find out that they are in fact celebrating the end of the school year with our nephew and nieces after which they go to see the Midsummer’s night. Luckily for us the good neighbour had a spare key so we let ourselves in and had some time to get civilised before they have arrived.

So this is the newest update regarding our cycling trip across the western Europe. Now all I can say is that it is really nice to be back here (although the weather could be a wee bit sunnier). After we surprised everyone by cycling straight to Prague and not to our fiends’ place for the wedding (which was already over) we have fallen straight into the most actual family business – moving flat of Adam’s grandma (literally as she is only moving from one floor to another). I don’t know how to explain it but after cycling over 2000km and after being out of Czech republic for almost four years this felt like we have never left in a first place. This was what we were hoping for – coming here and doing things with our families and friends. Although moving was not the easiest thing to do still you have the coffee breaks, you put things to baskets and then unload them,then you go for lunch, you carry some chairs, etc. and throughout this you can talk about all sorts of things.

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For us the next step is to plan our summer – where and when we will be. We now know that during the upcoming week we are meeting one of my brother (and my uncles, aunt and granddad) at the Festival Fantazie and that after that we go to my mum’s place. We will also have to go through our travel plan for next few years – at the moment all seems to be very unsettled anywhere you look and so we need to think again about the route we want to take and related issues like insurance, vaccinations, visas etc. So this coming month will be busy and hopefully we will keep you updated – I don’t think that the argument of lack of the internet connection would be of any help now.

So for now – Good night or Good morning


Has it reminded you of something? Have you remembered something? Have we forgotten about something? Any advices for us? Or you just feel like saying hi or have a word of support? Yes please!

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