The wall and roof

When we were skyping with my mum from Manchester we often talked about the things that need to be done. If you read our blog more often, you have seen at least parts of my mums house and probably can imagine all the work that needs to be done. Adam and I thought that we will be building the outside oven (this is something my mum truly wants), chop the wood (my brother Jonatan’s biggest worry) and build the sauna (which has proved to be more of our wish).


So far we have not really been doing much (only some computing, repairing old tray and painting old furniture) as last weekend was spent preparing, organising and cleaning after the festival – not everyone at all the times, but at some point each of us got involved so the work on the house was stagnating. However since Monday we have started working on the walls that need to be roofed (hope this word exists). The house that my family lives in is an old mill that has not been in use long before we moved in some 25 years ago. Since then we are slowly repairing the house one job at a time. The main building where we live is repaired and in last two years my mum with my brothers have worked hardly around the yard. However most of this building is missing the roof as it has fallen down (and also has been helped to) because the barns have not been in use – well not the way it was intended but we stored loads of things in there. After so many years the walls are slightly falling apart from the top as the rain water gets into them. And so we are now experimenting with the clay from our meadow to create a slope on which we will lay the tiles to protect them against all the weather conditions. Here is few first photos and we will report back again on our progress. But Adam has been rebuilding the wall since the morning – it seems that he is enjoying it very much. In the end if we are ever going to built a house this is good practice.

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Oh, and one last thing. I have had a tiny little car crash. I was reversing and crashed (in a very slow motion luckily) into a car parked on the road – well I think he was not supposed to be there as there was a parking lot just behind him but what can you do. I was pretty shocked but in the end my brother has been very comforting and it seems nothing way too serious has happened – will know more when the bill arrives. Well for me this is another reason why to stick to a bicycle.


Has it reminded you of something? Have you remembered something? Have we forgotten about something? Any advices for us? Or you just feel like saying hi or have a word of support? Yes please!

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