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This Sunday we have decided to take my brother Milan for a spin on a bicycle. The plan was straightforward – let him cycle as much as he will on his own bicycle and then let him finish the rest at the back seat of our tandem.


As you can see or you maybe know, my brother Milan is no kiddo, it is no thin computer geek (though he is a little bit addicted to computer games and listening songs on youtube) and he certainly is not week little boy. Quite the opposite – at the age of sixteen he is the most muscular man of our family, his biceps of the size three, four or maybe five times bigger than mine. Also his legs looks pretty strong and as that they could pedal around the world as easily as most of us would around the block. All this is most probably thanks to his interest in security agencies and body building (his own home-made-based fitness collection would impress everyone). However, Milan is lazy and he cares a little bit too much about himself. So the distance he rode on his bicycle before disembarking half way up the hill and continuing on foot, was about 5km. Soon we have found out that if we ever want to get there before the dark it would be me cycling the rest of 18km on the normal bicycle.

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Our destination was my auntie’s house. She has moved there few years ago when they have been offered to live (almost) next door to a very old farmer and help him with shopping and getting around, mainly to the church. This old farmer was a single man without any relatives and he wanted to give all his property to a brothers and sisters in faith who are in need and would take care of the farm in the future. Sadly the old man has died and my aunt and her family are now the owners of farm house, one small house that they live in and rather huge fields, pastures and forests. From what we heard we could not miss out to visit them – you will soon know why.

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The old farmhouse is located few hundred meters off the main busy road – however, you can hardly hear it through the trees and other houses. The building itself is not that interesting – it looks like most of the old houses in the area. But all the treasures are hidden inside. The old man and his brother, when he was still alive, were shopping in huge quantities and very unassuming almost frugal. This resulted in house that was literally full from the cellar to the roof top. You can find almost anything there as long as it is connected to diy, house repair, farming, foresting, gardening and then bits and pieces that you would hardly expect in a house of two old gentlemen (like the baby bottle).

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We also found several shiny and new and sharp knives and machetes in the workshop – one wonders why he had six or seven (or more?) of them all untouched and unscratched? Well guys had a go with them and they have enjoyed it immensely. All in all, a place you could spend hours just digging in. At the moment they are cleaning the kitchen and two rooms behind it so that my cousin and her children could live there, hopefully from September onwards. We hope to come there again (although time is ticking and we have still not visited many other people) and see how they are doing (and to find something interesting) and give them a hand.

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