Winter jacket in blue

We always wanted to keep this blog not only about cycling and so we brought in all things we like to do – anthropology, eating and cooking, music, photography, greenery and many more. I was very keen on having a regular knitting posts. So far it seems that there is only one such a post and that this blog is hardly only about cycling/touring. And so I thought it is about time I post about some knitting I have done.


When we were going to visit Adam and Helena we already knew they are expecting a baby. What we didn’t know was whether it would be a baby boy or baby girl. For that reason I did not want to knit from some very boyish or girlish colour. So I bought this one, however, the first thing my mum said was whether they are expecting a boy. Well, I thought it is neutral enough but it was pointed out to me, that blue-grey-brownish is more of boy’s colour choice. Luckily for me the faux pas has never come as they have a baby boy Alfréd.


For this jacket/sweater I have used this pattern by Hinke. Apparently it is rather popular pattern with more than 1300 projects already knitted.

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If I ever knit this again I will definitely add some more rows into the body in order to have large hood. This time it seemed awkwardly small compared to the body. The snug is knitted in garter stitch and, as the author points out, it is almost seamless. You have to seam together the shoulders, hood and then the hood to the body. Other than that it is either straight forward knitting or a wee bit more demanding picking of stitches up. The yarn I used was very comfortable to touch. The only drawback could be its high percentage of wool which, as was pointed to me, is not that practical for messy baby food, etc. But all in all I liked the finished snug. And I have almost forgotten, the buttons are made by Adam from coconut shell.


So, I hope it will be of a good use. If you are looking for a quick baby knit, this is your thing.



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  1. Awesome work! =) Unfortunately I am not so talented when it comes to knitting… But I’m thinking about sewing an advent calendar for V. in the shape of a huge Pumuckl, with 24 little gift-bags on it, and maybe I could knit something nice for him, too… Still searching for ideas =)
    Thanks for sharing this! =)

    • Thanks for such kind words. The calendar sounds like a great idea – I like that there would be little treasures every day… nice and slow way to the Christmas. Anyway, knitting is not that hard as it seems – it is something like the little magic tricks – once you unravel the trick there is nothing between you and hours of knitting. I think it is much easier than sewing.
      Good luck with the calendar and other adventures. Thanks for stopping by. And I really like your nickname.

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