Autumn – the season of harvesting

Since we have decided to stay here in Teleci, the preparations for the winter have started. In other words, we have been harvesting what has been growing around the house or what others have brought to us, or what we could then get for less.


In the above picture, you can see us picking up the potatoes (I hope you use this expression for potatoes, it is all so confusing). Family friend is working in the local agricultural co-op and we go every autumn to help them in the field, this year we have done about 60 sacks. In the exchange we then have very nice, local potatoes for much less then we would have otherwise. But this was only the beginning. Then the mushrooms started growing. We didn’t even try to find them but you had hard time not to trip over them in the woods. So we had loads of them, we still have loads of them. We already had several meals and we still have some dried mushrooms for the winter and not just for ourselves, but also for Adam’s parents and my godmother.

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Then we had the blueberries and blackberries. And this year they were huge. We made some lovely muffins of them – hmmm… but then the frost came and so sadly we could not use them any more.

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After we have dealt we this, we have been given the plums. And now this is when all the proper winter-provisions making started. From plums we have made some lovely dumplings (and the dough was even made from home-made quark, which you can see on one of the photos), plum jam and then we also dried them for snacking. Sadly I do not think the dried plums will last till winter for they are extremely addictive.

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Then there are our apple trees. Luckily for us, our neighbours have taken all the apples from one of them to make some nice spirit, which in Czech, when made from apples is called Kalvados. In exchange we are always given one bottle which most of time last whole winter. It is rather strong and we mostly use it as a medicine that you make tea of with lemon and honey. But the other tree is still there and so we had to made several strudels, then purée, dry them and we also went to have them pressed for a lovely and sweet cider, or stum but without the alcohol in it.Sadly I do not have any photos of that..

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The latest task was to get rid of the green tomatoes. We had no idea that there will be so many of them – in total we had about 5kilos of tomatoes that we could not eat. After searching the internet for some time, we have decided to make chutney, relish and also some Indian style pickles. It is all so lovely. And when we were already in making all these preserves, we also made ajvar, which is made out of red bell peppers and aubergines. I really wish that all this would last for long, but when something is tasty and when my mum keeps giving it away as gifts I suspect this would be gone sooner than later.

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Now, hopefully it will be almost finished. We still have some pears and apples that need to be sorted out, but then there is only the food making out of this. Well actually, we also need to do more wood so we can cook on it.


Has it reminded you of something? Have you remembered something? Have we forgotten about something? Any advices for us? Or you just feel like saying hi or have a word of support? Yes please!

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