Veronika decides to leave…

Have you heard of Paolo Coelho? I think it is really hard not to even if you are not his fan. I used to read his books with great pleasure. I remember that I always liked his title Veronika decides to die. Sadly, I think it is one that I have never read – maybe one day I will. But why am I talking about this? Well it is pretty simple. You see, my brother Jonatan has a girlfriend and she is called Veronika. Together they have decided to leave Czech republic and moved to Edinburgh. I simply could not resist to name the cowl that I knitted for Veronika like this, it sounds too great to be missed. Here is a picture of the happy couple, aren’t they lovely?


In our family it is now almost a tradition to go and live in Edinburgh for some time. It all started with my uncle and his wife who now live happily (almost, apparently the weather could be better) in Yarrow. My aunt Kristina used to be there as au-pair for couple of years and so has my cousin Sara (but that was truly short stay). Then Adam and I have moved to Edinburgh in the autumn 2009 and lived there for two years. I still think of those days as probably the happiest of our time together so far. Edinburgh is a place where we have created our first home, where we could for the first time invite our friends and family to stay at ours and where we decided to get married. After some time, my cousin Matěj and his best friend Grep have moved to Edinburgh too and they are still there. Now my brother is starting his own life there with his girlfriend. Hopefully, they will be there as happy as we were.

But we really like Veronika, of course we like Jonatan this goes without saying, and so we wanted to give her some very personalised leaving-gift. My mum came with an idea that she will buy a yarn from which I would knit cowl – as we both knew Edinburgh is a windy place and cowl which can be used as scarf or even a headwear would be a useful accessory. I wanted to knit it in round, but my mum was worried that we don’t have that much yarn. So this cowl has been knitted flat and then grafted together. I struggled a bit with that as the pattern I went for is chevron. But it is almost invisible seam which I am really pleased about.

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As you can see, since Adam has left all posts are about knitting or cooking and preparing oneself for the winter. But do not worry, Adam is to come back tomorrow, hopefully, and then he might have something to say about his stay in Germany and maybe we will return to more cycling news. We still need to repair our tandem and when we do that (and hopefully now we’ll have time and money to do it) I hope we will do some one day trips around. And this is how the cowl looks when Veronika wears it.



Has it reminded you of something? Have you remembered something? Have we forgotten about something? Any advices for us? Or you just feel like saying hi or have a word of support? Yes please!

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