I never thought I would write a post about any particular pet, or animal in that matter. Many think, Adam probably included, that I am very cold towards animals. I am hardly ever nice and gentle when I see cute kitten, or doggie and I am not really that much into cuddling with them. But Kali is Kali.


On Monday morning my mum rushed into our room crying. We were still sleeping, it was just about 8am and I got really scared. She told me Kali has died. It all sounded very strange. I got up and run to meet her on the stairs. Mum said, Kali has just died in her lap. It was rather shocking, because Kali was a dog of my brother Milan and she was only about 8years old and no one really expected her to die now.

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She was really very much like my brother. Never able to sit for long, always loud, hectic and little bit hysteric. But she was also very friendly and funny. She knew how to dance on two feet and she could go on for a long time. When you sat down with one of your leg over the other, she would always sit so that she squeezed herself below it. Kali seemed rather stupid at first, making all sorts of mistakes, and being always in your way, not hearing you when you called her, etc., but we all believe that she was rather very, very clever, and only made us to think she is stupid so that we would not want her to do things like go to her place, stay there, and other for us useful commands. She has always welcomed you when you returned home, although, lately it sounded more like she is complaining that you dared to leave in a first place. Kali was also the last part of the period when all was well – me and my brothers were all little, my family was happily living all together, there was no leaving, lying and other not so nice things, which I do not want to talk of, in our lives. Milan was just remembering the other day how we went to to pick her up – Milan was promised to get a dog for his first year in the school and she was rather courageous puppy exploring the garden, very foolishly falling down and jumping all over the place. It was a match made in heaven and Milan and Kali has been a great master and his dog, indeed.

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The place is now very empty, we tend to see Kali in pieces of wood and expect her to lie beside the stove, to bark on almost anything and run from upstairs to downstairs just to make sure everyone is at home. Hopefully it was not painful to her. Milan has already decided to get a new dog as soon as possible, so it might not take long before there is another one here – hopefully it would be much less messy and at least half the fun Kali was.



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  1. Ouch…this is painful news… Loved that dog… She was…simply amazing. So much character in such a little dog…
    Oh Dear Kali..we miss you..enjoy the dogs heaven
    Our hearts go to all of you guys understanding how much you miss her…

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