November has so far been very exciting. We have spent it travelling from one place to other – Prague, Kreslice, Pardubice, Jimramov and back to Teleci – you name it. Finally we have managed to meet friends that have escaped our attention so far, and also paid visit to family of Adam’s uncle Jan at a time when grandparents from Cesky Krumlov were visit. I have done some knitting of which I hope to be writing soon and Adam has had an interesting discussion that was following a screening of documentary film “Taste the Waste“, which if you can you should watch. But most of all, we have spent a really nice weekend in Jimramov.


When I was little my aunt Hanka, who is now proud owner of the family thrifty DIY store, lived with her family in nearby town. As she had four children of very similar age as me and my brothers, we have spent many holidays there and they have here. First I and then my brothers have cycled that distance to spend an afternoon with our cousins, especially in summer as their house is by the river. We could swim, actually bath more than or anything, and play all the silly games. The most popular one was that we were in the movies replaying our favourite scene like the one in which one of us was Jack and the other Rose rescuing him from being locked in the sinking Titanic or we were members of the Baywatch (which I have actually never watched, but my cousins were more educated in this way) rescuing drowning children from attacking shark beasts.

Because they have now all moved out and Hanka is selling the place, she has been so kind and let us to borrow the house for the weekend with friends from uni. Hardly anything can be written about this weekend that would describe how we enjoyed it, eventhough it was cold, dark and Adam had a flu. After several years we have finally spent time all together – us back from UK, Iva and her boyfriend Pablo, who most of us saw for the first time, back from France returning here to Anezka with Vojta and Nela with Tom. We talked, some danced, we all had some nice wine and homemade spirits from Ivas’s granddad, some practised their Spanish, we went for a walk and wandered into pub to drink local beer and we talked and listened to music.

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It was really nice weekend of which we sadly have very few photos but hey, not all days are gone and we hope to repeat it soon maybe a cross-country skiing weekend? Because as the Stark family from Game of Thrones keeps on saying “The winter is coming!” and to Highlands it has already arrived.




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  1. The cover photo are the coffees we made together by the sea… 😉
    And the anchor Rachel found…
    Nice memories.

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