Christmas all around

Christmas. Well this year we could not wait for the celebrations. Not only that we would be enjoying all the food, the sweets, the family gatherings and talking, gifts and generally the happy seasonal atmosphere, but it would also mean no more sleepless nights and gift making for at least another year. You can bet we will show them to you once we gather all the pictures (in the general chaos we have forgotten to take photo of some of them) but for that you would need to wait. However, so far our holidays have been going on smoothly.


So first, as you know, we have spent the Christmas Eve with Martina and Milan. With few exception of little disagreement between some of us, this has been nice evening. This and last year Christmas have been in many ways similar however being home and celebrating Christmas without my brother Jonatan was weird – we missed you and Veronika and can’t wait to see you soon. Because of this strangeness, we have also done some new thing – we took Martina for her first ever Midnight Mass to Policka. Although we came home by 1:30am and were completely frozen she seemed to enjoy it as much as we did.

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The next day we packed all our Christmas presents and other necessary things and went to my cousin Sara’s place to celebrate the big family Christmas. I have not been present for last four years and to my huge surprise, and relieve, not much has changed. We all talk one over the other, we eat enormous amount of food, we give each other lovely little presents and even tough this is a little bit chaotic, we all enjoyed ourselves (although this year my granddad thought his daughters are picking on him way too much to which they replied that their daughters are picking on them as well to which we had no reply because I do not have any children that would pick on me and Sara’s children are still too sweet).

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And then in the evening my mum dropped us on the train station from where we travelled to Prague to meet with Adam’s side of the family. This time was our journey truly entertaining. First we had all the presents with us of which one was so huge and heavy I could not do anything with it (a dismantled side table for Adam’s parents) and one other was way too fragile (scaled model of Mississippi Queen steam boat that Adam has just finished piecing together night before). We sat in our compartment with all this, Adam reading, me knitting both thinking there is hardly anyone who could possibly top us when a guy dressed in about three jumpers, carrying a chainsaw without the blade in his hand walked pass. We looked at each other and nodded in acknowledgement when suddenly he returned opened the door and told us we have won his companionship. Well that much for the entertainment for the rest of the journey – we now know the best trick as to how to become a drunker, the trick of the air-conditioning, how terribly cold it is in his countryhouse, what is the best drink to get the tickling started in your feet and fingertips and many more very useful tips about anything you can possibly need to know – mainly related to drinking, coldness and woods (and German military equipment).

But in the end we got as far as meeting with Petr outside the train station and to their house where we had just enough time to polish the presents one last time and have a little nap. The next day we had another family Christmas. It is funny how different these two events are. Here we have prepared, under the directions of Simona whom we thank for this lovely afternoon, a dinner with three courses. We then sat down to talk and drink and talk and eat again and the afternoon slowly passed. At the end of it we have unwrapped the presents which in this number of people takes rather long – but it was worthy. Since then we are enjoying the holidays in the very meaning of it – spending time talking with Petr and Simona, going for walks around the place they live and eating more delicious food – I’d say heaven.

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So we just want to say thank you everybody here for the lovely Christmas we had this year. But we also want to thank to all those who have sent us greetings and wishes from far and not so far away for they make Christmas all the better when we read from you and know that you remember us.


Has it reminded you of something? Have you remembered something? Have we forgotten about something? Any advices for us? Or you just feel like saying hi or have a word of support? Yes please!

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