Dear reader,
this is rise from the ashes. An attempt that we wish will ensure you that even though a lot has changed (us, our position, our plans, our way of life, etc.) we still wish to blog. We are writing this after half a year of complete silence and after a year anniversary of our arrival to Czech. Sometimes, things need a time before you can write about them (and sometimes you simply do not fell like having energy for anything else that is connected to spending time around your laptop).


What has happened since the last Christmas post, you might be asking? Especially after we have promised to write about and show you pictures of the things we have made for our families for Christmas. Well let us tell you all about it.


Just after the New Year (which was lovely, and warm and very quiet this year), we have come to terms that there is no way that we would make the journey in the scale that we imagined. Our funds were almost gone and so we decided that we need to revise what is going to happen next. We are very aware that actually this could be very useful for other people to read, when they are faced with similar decisions but it was not such comfortable topic to write about. So we decided there are two options: one is to do a small version of our travel and go only as far as Iran or hopefully bit farther to the Central Asian republics so that we could do a nice circle; or second we will find a job. We opted for the first one a started to plan. At this point we were almost ready to start blogging again. However life is one big surprise.


No we are not expecting, however, we have found out about a job offer that we thought was very interesting. The job was intended for an anthropologists to conduct a research in Czech republic in next 14 months. Do you see, an ANTHROPOLOGIST. We have to admit, Johana was rather sceptical about it but Adam has convinced her. And so we agreed we will sent the application in and we will see what comes out of it. To our surprise we have not only been invited to the interview (well that was not such a surprise) but we have been both offered the position. We mean – what a chance. And so….


…here we are, another few months later living in Prerov in central Moravia and doing sort of anthropological research (although this could be questioned). It is and interesting, yet frustrating job – we have inspiring colleagues, we meet people interesting in all imaginable ways and we have a job positions that we have studied for. We will not write anymore about it for now – you will have to check later for more. But we now, dear reader, promise you, that we have overcome our doubts about this business of writing a blog and will try to put it back into our weekly schedule. What can you now expect from us, you must be wondering. Well, it won’t be the exotic lands of Asia, smells of new cuisine, photos of the deserts, sees and mountains, no – nothing like that. But, and we hope you will like it anyway, we will be writing more about what it means doing anthropology in real life, about cycling in Czech republic, we are planning some nice trips abroad and we will be doing all sorts of things (wither cycling, anthropology or home connected). And of course, we will update our website, write in more details about our new plans (when we put them together) and upload photos from the past year. And on that matter, our dear reader, please take a look at the two new galleries that we have recently published – the first one is from our cycling trip through Scotland last year and the other one is from the family gathering at Johana’s aunt Hanka’s place (and my cousins Sara, Matěj, Áňa and Jonáš, and husband Hába and his son Sam).


So please, come back, it is great encouragement to see people checking here even though we have been so secretive.






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  1. Ha!!! At last! Thanks God and you, you are writing again! Do do do! Well done, happy life happy surprises. I have a hamster-aha! interesting? so it is about you, any lilttle news, anything and it doesnt need to be a trip to mountain Fuji! Nice wheels…mmm

    • Ha!!! thank you guys….A hamster – hope it is not werehamster or some other such creature….well, we’ll see what this is going to turn into…. and our new wheels – yes, they are darlings, I’ve got mine for birthday and it is a great bike, thought now something started squeaking in it…
      will get in touch with you soon, and hope to see you some other time
      greetings to Kadri, hope she is friend with your hamster too
      love, kisses and hugs to both of you
      from both of us

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