We are off – in a way

Past few weeks have been interestingly busy. I have spent a week at my mum’s. Here big things are happening as they have started to work on the facade of the house. It still needs a bit more than final touches however it already looks a way different. To be exact it looks new, which makes it all nice and sad in a way too as I liked the old look, dull edges and the brick peeking through the facade.

After that M and I have returned home to Adam, only to pack and be off to a wedding of my cousin who also happens to be M’s godmother. The wedding was beautiful, big and also entertaining as my cousin’s friends from Uni prepared a programme of music and theatre. The weather was nice and hot, food was delicious so what more can you wish for. Well a lovely night in a tent – oh yes please, so M had her first test night outside and she seemed to sleep along.

This was a great news as on Sunday after the wedding we went quickly home and packed another bag of stuff, sleeping bags and left again, to join our Scottish family on their way back home. So here we are back in Scotland. And M, and everybody with her, has made it through 3 days of sitting in a car, 2 nights in camps and various other travel related issues as waiting for the Eurotunnel, waiting at the borders or truly awkward breastfeeding positions.

And so for 2 days now we have been here and we talk about various things such as politics and live with small children, well mainly Brexit and M. We also consume incredibly tasteful food and sweets, drink teas and coffees and do small walks to our favourite places like the Swire or Broken Bridge. We are also planning to hike somewhere here in Scotland with M so we still need to find the best location. And of course we want to see Edinburgh and some friends there.



Has it reminded you of something? Have you remembered something? Have we forgotten about something? Any advices for us? Or you just feel like saying hi or have a word of support? Yes please!

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