The North

I have written this post while we were still in Scotland. However I had not published it yet as I had not made time to polish it and also M has deleted most of the post as I have noticed now. So here it is back dated to the end of our holidays.



It has been long my dream to visit the North. And I can finally say that this years birthday present has materialised in a lovely trip to the North! First we thought of a train ride somewhere not too far from borders but then we did our maths and found out it would cost us nearly as much as to rent a car a go somewhere further. So we thought of several places and in the end decided to give the North a go and see how M will digest hours in a car and camping. And she was so good with it. So through the Highlands we went up to the sea.



I truly wanted to get to the Cape Wrath and that was indeed our destination. But when we got to Durness we have found out that what we thought was a ferry is a just bout carrying passengers of a prepaid bus tour to the lighthouse and back. However you are allowed to arrange with the bus driver to be drop off and picked up later than the original schedule and even an overnight stays are allowed as long as you fit into the boat which can only take 13 people. After hearing this we decided that we have not packed for a hiking this time and we would not be able to get our stuff there without it being soaked. That has also meant that we have not visited the Kervaig Bothy but hopefully some other time we might do that (we actually really like the idea to go there for a cycling trip). In the end we slept on a beautiful beach near Durness and had a wonderful walk early in the morning with no one around (yes thanks to M, that early) to the northerns part of the Durness peninsula. After that we enjoyed a hot tea and coffee and some chocolate cakes in the Cocoa Mountain which we can only recommend to visit – it is mouthwatering only to thing about it.


And then we have returned, enjoyed few more days in Borders and visited Edinburgh. That place is just so… well we love that place and we had a chance to see all our favourite places, had a coffee in our cafe, buy some books for M in charity shops and see some of our friends. All in all this holidays have been very satisfying one indeed.





Has it reminded you of something? Have you remembered something? Have we forgotten about something? Any advices for us? Or you just feel like saying hi or have a word of support? Yes please!

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